Durata consulenza NISEA: 4 mesi
Objective of the EcoFish

Concluso: 31/01/2014

Objective of the EcoFishMan project is the development of a new management system, called Responsive Fisheries Management System (RFMS) that will contribute to the reform of the CFP. The aim of the project is to encourage the implementation of new management measures and improve the level of cooperation and mutual understanding among policy makers and stakeholders. Under EcoFishMan, NISEA has provided its expertise to CNR/ISMAR for the implementation of RFMS to the Case study 4, Mediterranean case study (development of a management plan for the demersal trawler fishery in GSA17). Case study 4 has not been run in an iterative process as the other EcoFishMan case studies and it has represented an acceptance test of the associated management tools. To facilitate this, Italian stakeholders and a Croatian representative have been involved in a role play, held in Rome, at the CNR premises, on 12nd December and leaded by the NISEA staff in order to evaluate how fishers and managers from the area (Mediterranean) would act under the new regime.