Dario Pinello

Dario Pinello  is a fisheries economist with more 15 years international experience acquired in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula. 
He has been project manager in Nisea dal 2014 after having worked for three years at the FAO, nine years at IREPA and a year at SWG.
During recent years, he has cooperated with ministries in the formulation of data collection plans and strategies for the socio economic development of fisheries, data collection and analysis, evaluation of the economic performance of the fishing fleet and  cost/benefit analysis, preparation of management plans, analysis of the value chain in the commercialization of seafood products, marketing and commercialization of seafood products. 

He is a member of the Bureau of EAFE (European Association of Fisheries Economists), a member of the scientific committee of Eurofishmarket and an active member of a University of Thessaly research group dealing with the economic efficiency of Mediterranean fisheries with special attention to matters related to salaries and employment. He obtained his Ph.D in 2018.