Sampling survey for the collection of economic data for the fish processing industry

The estimation of economic and employment data of the fish processing industry is carried out through a sampling survey that collects primary data on a sample of companies selected from the main databases of the sector.
In line with the provisions of the National Data Collection Program and to the community legislation, the data collection is based on two separate surveys:

the first for the segment of companies dealing with fish processing (ATECO code 10.20 ) as main activity (“main“);
the second concern the segment of companies engaged in the processing of fishery products as a secondary activity (“non main“).

For the collection of sampling data, reference is made to the most up-to-date business databases such as Telemaco (Infocamere), MintItaly and AIDA BvD (Computerized Analysis of Italian Businesses).
The data, once extracted, are subjected to appropriate controls and to the necessary processes in order to obtain the required stratification: region and dimensional class (defined by the number of employees).
Once the necessary controls have been carried out, the economic indicators are obtained through the most appropriate statistical expansion procedures.