SOCIOEC (Socio economic effects of management measures of the future CFP, grant agreement No 289192 )



Durata del progetto: 36 mesi

Concluso: 28/02/2015


SOCIOEC is a collaborative project financed by EU under the 7th FWP whose consortium was coordinated by the Johann Heinrich Von Thünen Institute (Germany) and made up of 25 partners (12 countries) represented by both stakeholders (mainly representatives of the fishing sector) and experts from three key academic disciplines of fisheries sciences (ecology, economics and social sciences). The main objectives of the project have been a) investigate how the objectives regarding ecological, economic and social sustainability could be defined in a clear, prioritised and acceptable manner; b) identify which management measures and which organisational levels could create the right incentives to tackle the main structural failings of the old CFP; c) determine the socio-economic and spatial effects of these management measures (Impact Assessment) paying special attention to fishermen’s behavioural responses (e.g. incentives) and to the potential links with uncertainties and externalities (e.g. oil price, interest rates, fish market prices).


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